Perspectives. A collaboration with John Pawson and Swarovski.


St Paul's to mark 300th anniversary with brand new installation

Will Gompertz, Arts Correspondence, BBC, 14 September 2011

St Paul's Cathedral will mark its 300th anniversary with a brand new optical installation.

Perspectives is a giant crystal lens that transforms the view of Sir Christopher Wren's geometric staircase.

Will Gompertz met the installation's designer John Pawson to find out more. Read more.

What to see at the London Design Festival: The top ten highlights worth a visit

Annie Deakin, The Independent, 15 September 2011

With nine days and 300 design events sprawling across the capital, there is too much to keep track of at London Design Festivalwhich opens this Saturday (17-25 September). It is more than just furniture; look out for a Lego greenhouse, a 500-metre red dress and a giant lens. Read on for our ten festival favourites.

Pawson's stairway to heaven

Phaidon, 2 September 2011

Tourist or Londoner, you've probably seen the iconic St Paul's Cathedral a hundred times before, but trust us, not like this. Read more.

London Design Festival: John Pawson

The Telegraph

David Nicholls looks at the work of John Pawson at St Paul's Cathedral for the London Design Festival. Read more.

The London Design Festival: design a new look

The Telegraph

If it's creativity you're after, the London Design Festival, which kicks off today, offers a new take on traditional ideas.

Do you hanker after a chair-and-coat-stand combo, a chandelier made from 16 desk lamps or a block of foam masquerading as a hayrick? If so, your prayers are about to be answered. The London Design Festival starts today, launching nine heady days of creativity. Read more.

London Design Festival unveils giant Swarovski lens in St Paul's Cathedral

Marie-Claire Chappet, The Telegraph

The London Design Festival 2011 commences tomorrow and, for the first time in the festival's nine year history, St Paul's Cathedral will play host to an exhibition.

Minimalist architect John Pawson has installed a new work entitled 'Perspectives', in one of the capital's most iconic landmarks. Read more.

Perspectives by John Pawson at St Paul's Cathedral

Dezeen Magazine, 15 September 2011

London Design Festival 2011: British architect John Pawson has installed the largest lens ever made by crystal brand Swarovski in the southwest tower of St Paul's Cathedral for the London Design Festival, which starts on Saturday. Read more.

London design festival shows the world in a new light

Jonathan Glancey, The Guardian, 14 September 2011

Giant lenses in St Paul's, a 500-metre dress with pockets you can sit in, and 14 pairs of Elizabethan prostitutes' shoes ... Jonathan Glancey picks the best of the London design festival. Read more.

John Pawson the illusionist architect

Kieran Long, Evening Standard, 14 Sep 2011

For someone of his considerable fame, the architect John Pawson is rather laconic. But when I met him this week, he was perhaps more modest than usual. Read more.

John Pawson: Perspectives

Maya Davies, 19 September 2011

Pawson's Perspectives

Pilar Viladas, New York Times, 19 September 2011

The emphasis at the London Design Festival as at any contemporary design exhibition is on the new new new. But a number of L.D.F. installations explore the idea of seeing the old in a different way, including those at the Victoria & Albert Museum (the subject of my next post) and most spectacularly the collaboration between the London architect John Pawson and Swarovski Crystal Palace at St. Paul's Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece, which is celebrating its 300th anniversary this year. "Perspectives" opens to the public today, and remains open until mid-January 2012. Read more.

The glory of St Paul's Cathedral is being revealed anew

Canon Mark Oakley, The Telegraph, 22 September 2011

One of the lesser-known glories of St Paul's Cathedral is the Dean's Stair, sometimes known as the Geometric Stair. Built in the southwest tower in 1705, this structure is a spectacular stone spiral linking the cathedral floor to the triforium. The 88 Portland stone treads rise for 50 feet around the perimeter of a cylindrical space and, unusually, they were not built into the masonry as the walls were raised but were placed in later, each step individually shaped to bear on the edge of the one below. Read more.

London Design Medal 2011

Ellen Himelfarb, Wallpaper, 20 September 2011

It's not every day you're asked to visit an off-limits historical landmark to fete not one but two of your heroes. But last night we did just that at the 2011 London Design Medal ceremony, held at the Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral. Read more.

John Pawson's "Perspectives"

Think - Work - Play, 20 September 2011

While everyone is walking around in their finest glad rags in London for Fashion Week, the design aficionados are getting all worked up about totally different types of lines and shapes at London Design Festival. At St. Paul's Cathedral, UK's foremost minimalist designer, John Pawson has revealed 'a new perspective', that allows visitors to take an alternative look at one of London's greatest architectural sites. Read more.

John Pawson: Perspectives

Domus web, 20 September 2011

The UK's leading minimalist, John Pawson, and Swarovski Crystal Palace have created a spectacular installation in the Geometric Staircase of St Paul's Cathedral to reveal a new perspective of this architectural masterpiece and the genius of Sir Christopher Wren. Entitled Perspectives, this experiential work will be unveiled during the London Design Festival, 17th to 25th September, and will remain open to the public until January 2012. Reflecting Wren's desire that his buildings should incorporate scientific elements, 'Perspectives' uses the largest Swarovski lens ever manufactured to create a dramatic optical experience which depends on scientific subtlety, material simplicity and a complex combination of light, space and proportion to reflect an environment rich in history and beauty. Read more.

Week in Ideas: Fresh Perspectives at St. Paul's in London

Christopher Shea, The Wall Street Journal, 24 September 2011

To mark this month's London Design Festival, the British architect John Pawson oversaw the installation of a giant lens that provides an unusual - and strikingly full and clear - view of the southwest tower of St. Paul's Cathedral. Read more.