Perspectives. A collaboration with John Pawson and Swarovski.

Canon Mark Oakley

Since it was completed in 1710, art has inspired and illuminated St Paul's Cathedral, providing a focus for reflection, meditation and contemplation for visitors.

As Treasurer of St Paul's, Canon Mark Oakley has special responsibility for the treasures of the cathedral and its visual arts programme which seeks to explore the encounter between art and faith.

Home to a spectacular array of art in permanent collections and visiting artistic interventions, St Paul's offers a powerful and challenging context with which artists can engage. Canon Mark Oakley explains his experience of Perspectives, designed by John Pawson and installed in the South West Tower from September 2011 - January 2012.

Canon Mark Oakley explains how John Pawson and Swarovski Crystal Palace have created this remarkable installation and turned Sir Christopher Wren's architecture into its own viewing device, reflecting the spiritual wonder of St Paul's and the Dean's Staircase, its wonderful geometry and Wren's desire that all his buildings should incorporate a scientific purpose.

John Pawson Q&A       The Hailstone

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