Perspectives. A collaboration with John Pawson and Swarovski.

John Pawson Interview

"St Paul's is one of the most recognisable buildings in the country. In collaboration with Swarovski I have been given the chance to focus on one of its less familiar elements - the Geometric Staircase - which is a detail, but also a complete architectural movement in its own right. The cathedral is an immensely complex work of architecture and the temptation when you visit is to try to take in everything. This installation is about offering a spatial experience around a single sharply honed perspective." John Pawson

Medal dinner       John Pawson Q&A

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A truly inspiring insight into this astonishing space by Wren. I must say, the engagement, purity and excitement with this instrument (the lens) cannot be envisaged at any other exhibition of this nature.

I constantly admire John Pawson and his work, yet again, another fascinating concept.

Honoured to share this ritual.

Matthew Jensen