Perspectives. A collaboration with John Pawson and Swarovski.

Reflecting a new vision of the Geometric Staircase in St Paul's Cathedral, a flawless convex mirror is suspended 23metres high in the cupola of the South West Tower.

Mirror Rises

Part of Perspectives, an experiential artwork designed by John Pawson, the convex mirror has been made by specialist craftsmen in Cantu, northern Italy. In the South West Tower it reflects the changing light and exquisite beauty of the space, masterminded by Sir Christopher Wren.

The piece pays tribute to the architectural, scientific and astrological expertise of Sir Christopher Wren who had intended to install at the top of the South West Tower a zenith telescope, for the purpose of measuring the earth's rotation.

"John Pawson invites us in this installation to observe the Geometric Staircase of the cathedral with a deepened focus. Like the spiritual life itself, here we are invited to look within in order to see out with greater clarity and wonder. We are delighted that this meditative meniscus has been brought into St Paul's to enrich our understanding of Wren's work and to alert us to the fact that transformation often occurs when we become more visually literate." The Reverend Canon Mark Oakley, Treasurer of St Paul's Cathedral

Lens Arrives       Final touch


This intervention is the perfect reappraisal of Wren - without being regressive about architecture. The stills photography is beautiful too!

This looks amazing i'd have till go to St pauls and see it