Perspectives. A collaboration with John Pawson and Swarovski.


In St Paul's Cathedral's South West Tower John Pawson has designed an installation that projects a new perspective on the genius of Sir Christopher Wren.

First View

At the foot of Wren's elegant spiralling Geometric Staircase sits a concave crystal meniscus made from optical quality Swarovski crystal. Sitting on a much larger mirrored steel hemisphere, with a convex mirror suspended 23 metres above in the tower's cupola, the lens creates a dramatic optical experience which depends on scientific subtlety, material simplicity and a complex combination of light, space and proportion, to reflect an environment rich in history and beauty.

The first view of Perspectives was available in September 2011, when the installation opened during the London Design Festival. You can see Perspectives until January 2012.

Photographs by Gilbert McCarragher

Final touch       Installation film


The project looks exquisite - the photography amazing. I wish I was in London to see it!

beautifully installed jewel & wonderful execution of blog ... master strikes again! can't wait to see it!

What a stunning way to give new perspective to such beautiful architecture.The incredible photographs give the illusion of the crystal floating mid-stairwell. Masterful idea and imagery.

Classic is classic.....from old design to new. Beautifully done....and brilliantly done.

Impeccable photography/film. I am looking forward to seeing the exhibition. Perfect concept, flawlessly executed.

How amazing! Having visited St.Paul's 30years ago I thought I'd seen all there is to see. The photos of this exhibition are drawing me back, it's time to rediscover the past.

Looks fab can't wait to see it when i am in London next week!!

Looks amazing

incredible talent
a living legend
loved living next door ......

incredible piece of art. luminous imagery.reflections are of the utmost beauty.